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Hi there!

  If you are looking for a simple way to help you improve physically, mentally and spiritually – you came to the right place.

      A regular Qigong practice can lower stress, worries, anxiety, fears and dissolve pain.

It can bring more peace, joy and  balance to your life.

      This ancient self – healing art can increase your energy, prevent illness, and support you in healing every aspect of your life.

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Getting started with Qigong

 Qigong can be split into two parts: meditation and movements. Combined together, these parts will help the body to balance even faster.

Start with a FREE Seven Minute Meditation for Stress Relief, so you can feel peaceful and grounded.

Online classes & Workshops

Whether you want to heal yourself, others or become a Qigong teacher, check back regularly as new classes are coming!

As a Certified Spring Forest Qigong Trainer, I teach Level 1 Spring Forest Qigong for Certification along with other online workshops and classes.

One-on-One Qigong Healing & Coaching

Whether you are just getting started and looking for one on one instructions, you are an advanced practitioner in need for coaching or if you have a health issue you came to the right place. You can learn how to heal yourself using the power of Qigong and I will be happy to support you.

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